In the sport of boxing you have two people that go toe to toe and fight it out round by round. Sometimes one boxer gets knocked down and can't get back up either due to being knocked out or just doesn't have the strength to carry on. Then in some boxing matches you have some that will go the distance until the final round and it's up to a panel of judges to decide who won. Now my thoughts is why do they keep fighting and keep taking punches because each boxer believes they can win the fight as long as they keep trying and never give up.

So many out here in the world have given up and feel like they can't keep going in their walk with Christ and some feel like what's the point with the world we live in today? I'm reminded of Daniel Chapter 6 when Daniel hadn't seen any real change during his time in Babylon but he kept fighting the good fight he kept serving The Lord even if it wasn't cool. I want to give you some encouragement today and that is this keep fighting the good fight, keep taking those punches from the world, from the devil because my dear friends Jesus has already knocked him out because in the end the devil loses and every knee will bow, every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord even the devil himself will bow down and finally give up for good.

Don't give up keep fighting the good fight, go the distance give all you can for God because in the end the only judge is going to declare you a winner because you kept fighting the good fight and was a champion for Christ.
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