Today as I'm writing this blog, and getting ready for Sunday services this week, I think about a runner running a long race or even someone that does a long bicycle race. I think about the struggles they have to go through with weather, uphill climbs, down hill slopes, body aches and also the mental struggles. How some just run out of energy and can't keep going on and then their are those they go all the way to the end and fight through the pain because they can say they finished well. Isn't that how we get in life? Some have served God for years and have they lost their joy and it's hard to keep going on and they need refreshment. Then their are those that are just trying to make it day by day while serving Jesus with everything they have. This Sunday we are going to look at the life of David and how he lost his joy but how he got it back and I believe it's a reminder for all of us. I look forward on sharing this message with you and let's get our joy back on serving Jesus.
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