We are living in dangerous times, the more we turn the news on, get on social media, read news it seems like there is more hate out there than ever before. It seems that things are getting out of control. That is true they are getting out of control because God's word tell us that this would happen. It shouldn't surprise us but for some it does. We have to understand that the devil is the prince of this world as it stands right now and he is destroying families, towns, nations and causing havoc all around. We as Christians have to be careful and not give place to the devil. Once we give the devil an opportunity in our life he will take it and run with it. That is why we are seeing so much hate in this world because folks are letting the devil run their lives, and as Christians the devil wants to bring depression, he wants to steal our joy and he wants to ruin our lives just as well because we serve Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 4:27 tell us "to give no opportunity to the devil" ESV, the KJV tells us don't give no place the devil. We must always be on guard and watch for his attacks because he is very sneaky on his attacks and our guards must always be up. This Sunday we are going to talk about "Satan's stronghold and how we as Christians must be on guard and how to give no place or opportunity to him. I look forward on seeing you Sunday morning and sharing this message.
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